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Wilco Oilfield Services, Pte. Ltd., formally incorporated 1982 in the Republic of Singapore, whose business is that of a supplier of wireline/slickline for drilling and production purposes. Wilco is active in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Thailand with looking for further partners in other international markets. For a full description and company profile please click more.


Chevron Thailand Supply Partner for 2009-2011, now extended to 2016

ZERON®100 (registered trademark of Rolled Alloys Ltd.) has been applied in Chevron Thailand’s onshore and offshore wells. Well conditions are specified for carbon dioxide laden production gas with some sourness, typically hot. Wilco is the current supply contractor for all slickline to Chevron’s offshore base in Songkhla. Wilco is very proud to be recognized for our products and services rendered to Chevron in the award of a long term contract running from 2009 to 2011, now extended to 2016.

Agency with ZAPP Precision Wire, Inc.: Super-austenitic & Cobalt alloys

Wilco is now associated with Zapp Precision Wire, Inc., a producer of austenitic, super-austenitic & cobalt-alloy lines. |Find out about the line of products we carry from Zapp here.

Zapp manufactures the MP35N® cobalt-alloy line particularly known for extreme corrosion resistance in extreme temperature and pressure conditions. Zapp also supplies alloy armor wire to various electro-mechanical cable manufacturers. Furthermore, Zapp employs a professional package developed by Honeywell Systems that outputs prognoses of well corrosion potential. |See an output here.

Zapp is a current vendor to Schlumberger, Halliburton, and other oil and service companies in the Gulf with main offices in Houston and S. Carolina.

New Supply Relationship with Vietnam Service Company

ZERON®100 was in-house tested by our client in Vietnam and showed better physical performance characteristics than some of its competitor brands. Of particular note is the 18-25% higher breaking load as compared to an equal sized super-austenitic line, e.g. Supa 75® and Mo26®.

First delivery in August, 2009.

0.140″ ZERON®100 Used in Turkmenistan; Possible Application Elsewhere

ZERON®100 was successfully applied in fishing and tractor operations in Turkmenistan under Geowell, providing service for Petronas in their international operations.

Also related, Chevron Thailand acquired some reels of 0.140″ in 2010 in their test-efforts in offshore operations. Testing will begin on test wells in Songkhla, followed by application in the field.

Wilco Main Supply Contractor for Geowell Sdn. Bhd. PMO Contracts (4Q 2009)

Wilco will supply all slickline to Geowell in their successful tender for the large Peninsular Malaysia Offshore (PMO) contract. Contract work begins 4Q 2009. The bulk usage of wire will be ZERON alloy.

Update: Consignment Locations for Ease of Delivery (2008-ongoing)

Wilco has established consignment and stocking relationships in Labuan with Gabrielisma (Lazenda Commercial Shophouse). Main stock in inventory will be carbon steel slicklines. This adds to our existing consignment warehouse in Jakarta.

Updated 09-10-2010


Representing Webster & Horsfall Ltd (Estd. 1720) and Zapp Precision Wire, Inc. (Estd. 1702)

- Carbon Steel
- Stainless 316/XM19
- ZERON®100 Super Duplex
- 25-6MO, 27-7MO
- MP35N® Cobalt Alloy

*Stocks available in Singapore, Malaysia & Jakarta

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